I hope you enjoy looking through the images on my website. A little about where the work comes from...
My art is drawn from thoughts, feelings, influences, experimentation, and from observation of the world around me.
I use a wide variety of media. I often choose materials and objects which I find symbolic  or which convey some inherent meaning through reference or association. For example, barbed wire conveys barriers, a feather conveys flight and freedom. I like combinining industrial materials with delicate fragile things. I enjoy objects taken out of context. I love texture and patina and see the poetry in things which are transient. 
I know what my work means to me but the pieces I create are often ambiguous. I like people to have their own personal association and interpretation. I want viewers to connect with my work on many levels and aim to make art which is both meaningful and aesthetically seductive.
If you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me.



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symbiosis,  31 x 31 x 48cm
steel, plaster

untitled, 97 x 97 x 10cm

wood, plaster, slate, metals

creative block, 55 x 55 x 55cm,
galvanised barbed wire